Get to Know Our Mental Health Specialists at Cognitivve

BCIA Plain full color66x66We understand how difficult it can be to find reliable mental health treatments that are affordable, drug-free, and actually get results. There are effective alternatives to prescription medications and talk therapy, and that’s what we provide at Cognitivve. Our team of neurofeedback and mental health specialists can help you take back control of the imbalances in your life so you can experience a happier and healthier lifestyle.

At Cognitivve, we take a bio-, psycho-social qEEG-guided approach to neurofeedback and mental health treatments. This treatment model, created by Dr. Soutar, is called Holistic NeuroIntegration and it builds upon many years of clinical research performed by neurofeedback specialists. This approach defines specific phases of training, provides a way to track expected progress, identifies the need for referrals to other supportive professionals, and provides a framework for correlating the EEG with both physiological and psychological symptomology.

Our Story

Cognitivve was founded by Carli Streich and prior to getting into the field of neurofeedback, Carli suffered from severe anxiety. She was in and out of the emergency room more than a handful of times due to panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. This impacted her daily life, her ability to interact with others, feel present, and complete the simplest life tasks. There were days when Carli would spend the whole day in bed wondering if these feelings would ever pass.

Fortunately, Carli discovered the life-changing treatment of neurofeedback and she started to find relief immediately - her life changed dramatically. Carli no longer suffers from panic attacks and does not live her days filled with anxiousness and worry! As she continued with her neurofeedback program, she gradually learned how to utilize the program for others. It has become her passion and mission to provide others with this same hope and relief!

After gaining board certification in neurofeedback, practicing the therapy for multiple years, and helping build several other very successful neurofeedback centers, Carli founded Cognitivve to make a positive impact in the community. We believe that there are too many people struggling with mental health challenges and too many families cannot find the answers they need for their childrens' mental health. Cognitivve was founded to get rid of this gap and be a supportive resource for the community.

carliOur Values:

  • We are committed to honoring God in our business
  • We are committed to treating clients with love, patience and honesty
  • We are committed to individualized treatment programs
  • We are committed to empathetic and supportive coaching strategies
  • We are committed to finding out the “Why”

Meet Our Founder: Carli Streich

Carli Streich, Founder, and Owner of Cognitivve, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She went on to earn her Master's in Clinical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Carli is passionate about the mission of Cognitivve. She believes that communication and clear expectations are key contributors to the exceptional client experience that we provide. She believes that life, especially the challenging parts of it, are not meant to be done alone and she works to offer that support to each and every client who walks through the door. In her free time, Carli loves to hike, do yoga, and spend time outdoors with her family and her puppies.

Our Difference for Mental Health Treatments in Colorado Springs & Englewood

At Cognitivve, we aim to uncover the answers to the hard health questions that plague our patients' lives and strive to achieve positive results for them. We accomplish this goal for you by leveraging many different tools; aside from our brain mapping, neurofeedback, and biofeedback services, these tools include:

  • A self-narrative breakdown assessment that identifies how you likely present in 15 key areas of personality. This interactive self-inventory additionally provides guidance for neurofeedback coaching sessions.
  • A Cognitive and Emotional Checklist to provide an initial map of areas to focus treatment based on your self-reported symptoms.
  • A virtual review with one of our neurofeedback specialists to talk through your treatment goals, assessment results, and your individualized treatment plan.
  • Specific and measurable progress tracking that uses graphed comparisons to your previous assessments every 10 sessions, alongside a comparison to norm and peak performance groups.

Thanks to the flexible financing options we offer in-house, virtually anyone can receive our treatments.

Get The Care You Need with our Neurofeedback Specialists

Whether you live in Colorado Springs, Englewood, or elsewhere across the U.S., our mental health specialists can deliver the care that you’ve been looking for. After a single in-person or remote session with our neurofeedback specialists, we’ll determine what course of treatment will be the most effective for you in a safe, caring, and welcoming environment.

Get started on your path to better health and wellness today! Contact Cognitivve or schedule your consultation with our mental health specialists today.