Improve Your Mental Health from Home with Remote Neurofeedback

Between the busyness of your daily life, it can be tough to find the time for necessary health treatments like a doctor’s visit. Your free time is limited and we know how challenging it can be to find a mental health treatment near you that fits into your schedule. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of finding the treatments you need. At Cognitivve, we are proud to offer remote neurofeedback therapy services for individuals all across the country. This innovative approach allows you to receive treatment for your mental health without having to leave your home!

What is Remote Neurofeedback? And How Does It Work?

Neurofeedback is an effective, science-based therapeutic practice that works to re-train your brain, mitigate symptoms of your condition, and treat mental health issues at the source.

In most cases, you will need to travel in person to a clinic that specializes in neurofeedback therapy in order to receive treatment. However, remote neurofeedback therapy makes it possible to receive treatment from virtually anywhere.

The process of remote neurofeedback is very similar to in-person experiences. The main difference with this remote brain training is that you get to do it on your own time and it does not require a clinician to be present during the session. Your clinician will be able to see your results after each session and share them with you on a weekly basis.

For remote neurofeedback, we will ship all the necessary equipment to your door and include detailed instructions on how to use the technology. You will even meet virtually with our brain training specialist to learn how to use the equipment effectively, review your progress, set lifestyle goals, and maintain accountability toward your healing.

After even just one brain training session at home, you should begin to see a notable difference in your mental health issues. You’ll be able to enjoy improved symptoms, greater cognitive performance, increased stress tolerance, and so much more.

In fact, over 700 peer-reviewed studies have been published on the efficacy of neurofeedback when treating mental health conditions like ADHD, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and more. No matter what mental health issue you are grappling with, you can find relief and support with remote brain training therapy.

Enjoy Guided Neurofeedback at Home with Cognitivve

Through our partnerships with Myndlift and New Mind Technologies, we can ship all of the necessary equipment and technology directly to your door. The technology is easy to use and our brain training specialists will be able to provide support with any tech issues or questions. During an initial virtual meeting with our team, we will go over how to use the technology, brain training apps, and how to apply the electrodes.

Prioritize Your Brain Health with Cognitivve

Whether you struggle with depression, stress management, sleep disorders, focus-related difficulties, or other mental performance issues, we can help address your mental health needs at Cognitivve.

We offer unmatched support for remote neurofeedback services to help ensure you’re getting the maximum value from your therapy. Our team additionally offers multiple forms of remote neurofeedback to suit your needs and, if suggested, we can provide a platform that mimics the in-office experience. At Cognitivve, we’ll create a personalized remote neurofeedback treatment plan that seamlessly integrates with your existing treatments.

Contact us or schedule a free consultation with us today to get started with your remote neurofeedback experience at Cognitivve.