Monday, 28 November 2022 14:29

Can You Benefit from Brain Mapping in Colorado Springs?

Every single second, billions of electrical signals pass through your brain’s neural network. These electrical signals can be measured and they can tell us key things about our brains' overall functioning. Many individuals can benefit greatly from brain mapping in Colorado Springs and if your mental health could use some support, you should consider giving it a try.

The electrical signals in our brains can be classified as “brainwaves”, which play an important role in our well-being. Imbalances in brainwave activities can contribute to certain types of mental health issues. For example, people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may experience an excess of low-frequency brainwaves and those who suffer from depression may have high levels of activity in their left frontal areas.

A brain map helps pinpoint those levels of imbalanced brainwaves and provide insights on how those activities may be affecting you. Simply put, brain mapping in Colorado Springs can help you better understand your body and mind. This therapy provides our brain specialists with the information necessary to create a unique and tailored treatment plan for every single individual.

Who Can Benefit from Brain Mapping in Colorado Springs?

Brain mapping is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and how their brains work. A brain map can be used as part of a diagnostic process and it can also be used to monitor someone's progress during or after a treatment. That said, brain mapping is particularly beneficial for individuals with mental health disorders or concerns. The following conditions are some examples of when brain mapping can be very useful:

How Can Brain Mapping Help?

The goal of brain mapping is to provide a detailed picture of how your brain works. By doing this, our brain training specialists can determine if you have any neural imbalances, how they might be contributing to your mental concerns, and why they are occurring. We can then use that knowledge to develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate the appropriate therapies for that individual. Plus, brain mapping allows us to see things that would otherwise remain hidden.

What Happens After Brain Mapping?

At Cognitivve, we are proud to offer brain mapping services in conjunction with our other brain therapies. After your brain mapping session, our clinician will discuss your results with you. We'll explain what happened during the session, identify potential imbalances in your brainwave activities, and talk about any recommendations that we may have to help you find symptom relief.

After discussing the results of your session, we can begin to formulate a treatment plan that is personalized to your brain map. Remember: brain mapping only helps us to understand where you might be experiencing abnormal brain activity. Using this information, we can create a unique plan to help you mitigate and lessen the symptoms of any conditions that might affect you. Your treatment plan may include therapies like neurofeedback, biofeedback training, and/or talk therapy.

Why Choose Cognitivve Neurofeedback for Your Brain Mapping?

At Cognitvve, our goal is to discover the answers to the hard medical issues that plague our customers’ lives and seek to achieve positive results for their conditions. We achieve this goal for you by using many different tools and leveraging our extensive expertise in the brain training industry. Aside from our brain mapping, neurofeedback, and biofeedback therapies, we will utilize many tools and resources like:

  • An online test that helps you identify how you most likely present in fifteen key areas of personality. This interactive self-assessment tool helps our clinicians guide clients through neurofeedback training.
  • A Cognitive and Emotional Checklist to provide an initial map of areas to focus treatment based on your self-reported symptoms.
  • A virtual review with one of our neurofeedback specialists to talk through your treatment goals, assessment results, and your individualized treatment plan.
  • A specific and measurable plan for improvement that includes graphs comparing your current assessment results against your previous ones, as well as a graph showing where you stand compared to others who have achieved similar goals.

Are you ready to experience lasting relief from your symptoms? Our brain training specialists are ready to help at Cognitivve! Contact Cognitivve today and get started with brain mapping in Colorado Springs.